Driving our business through technology

Cutting-edge technology sets us apart in the renewable energy sector. Our in-house developed software makes a significant contribution to where and how we work, making the planning, construction and operation of our sites smarter and more sustainable.

We process and integrate hundreds of data sources to give us a real-time view of our projects. Our proprietary management platform brings together extensive GIS mapping systems, energy and land-sourcing tools, and financial models to create a centralised resource that illuminates every part of our process – from origination to optimisation.

Designed by our in-house team, our technology enables precision targeting and detailed analysis so that we can react faster and make better decisions. It means we accurately identify suitable sites with the right National Grid capacity and offers local communities the ability to see exactly what site is being considered and why.


At every stage of the process, we are looking to minimise environmental impact and maximise opportunities to enhance biodiversity. We use national data sets to guide the appropriate archaeology and geology plans to protect the natural habitat.

Once a site is up and running, we continuously monitor and control the performance of our equipment in relation to external conditions. We then apply machine learning to this output across our cloud platforms to provide a valuable feedback loop into our site selection and screening tools.

This application of smart technology sets out a continuous improvement roadmap.

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