20 January

Energy Global Winter Edition

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Exagen feature – Here Comes the Sun

We Featured in Energy Global

Energy Global is an international journal offering analytical information regarding renewable energy – covering solar, wind, and bioenergy news.

As part of their Winter 2022 magazine our Development Director, Mark Rowcroft wrote an article called ‘Here comes the sun?’. Drawing light out of the darkness looming over the energy crisis, Mark referenced viable energy solutions inspired by the benefits surrounding renewable energy sources. The renewables industry is currently filled with measurable solutions, one including the integration of batteries to fuel solar energy. Many of our projects at Exagen are co-located with battery storage to create a smarter network. For example, one of our recent projects, Normanton Energy Reserve in Leicestershire, demonstrates how we’ve used battery-power as the answer.

“The renewables picture is positive and solar is currently enjoying its moment in the sun, with solar generation increasing by a record 179 Two (up 22%) last year.”

Building a smarter network

In order to create a smarter network, there needs to be more intentionality about how we utilise land and integrate energy solutions throughout the development process. This is integral to our approach with all projects. As highlighted by Mark in the article, network-related tools such as smart meters and smart appliances are becoming increasingly popular for consumers to bring into their homes. This will lessen the reliance on gas and accommodates more renewables into the network. The benefits shaping mega batteries as a primary source of energy, could be the ‘silver bullet’ taking gas out of the picture. More spaces are emerging to facilitate large-scale battery farms to be developed and stored within.

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Click here to read the full article, starting from page 64.

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