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We are transforming the future of energy production for the good of our environment.


At every stage of the process we are looking to minimise environmental impact and maximise opportunities to enhance biodiversity.

We use national and local authority data sets to focus development away from designated, protected or sensitive areas to protect the natural features.

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Benefits to farming

Research shows that the reduction in fertiliser and chemicals needed on a solar park can boost soil carbon storage, nutrient recycling and the numbers of invertebrates, pollinators and wildlife in the local environment. This in turn improves production on farmland within and around operational solar sites.

We work with landowners to develop tailored biodiversity plans that support both nature and agricultural yields. This approach is crucial in addressing the pressing need for renewable energy and sustainable food production while optimising financial returns for farming communities.

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Our focus on biodiversity delivers better, longer-term landscapes – trees planted, hedges strengthened, and additional green networks that in turn, promote a flourishing flora and fauna landscape.

Discover the work we do with our biodiversity focussed partners:

  • The British Beekeepers Association
  • Bumblebee Conservation Trust
  • Soil Association