We are energising a cleaner future

The unique strengths and values of Exagen are replicable globally and this drives our overseas ambition. We’re excited to see the amplification of our mission into new markets in the near future.

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The energy market is undergoing significant change, partly driven by economic and geopolitical events but also by government to achieve net zero targets. The sector must balance the commercial with doing the right thing by society and the planet we share.

We believe that our business can be a positive force. We craft renewable energy and storage projects that are bespoke to each site, with each designed in the right place and in the right way to set up for success.

Our projects are planned from an early stage to be owned and operated for their full lifespan. This ensures that our team applies the utmost diligence to delivery, operation and maintenance, so that each site has a positive legacy.

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Exagen team

Exagen is led by a strong team with a wealth of experience in energy finance, infrastructure and operations.