We are energising a cleaner future (old)

The unique strengths and values of Exagen are replicable globally and this drives our overseas ambition. We’re excited to see the amplification of our mission into new markets in the near future.

“Exagen crackles, pops and sparkles – it’s full of energy and action. It elevates team members and allows them to shine in a supportive but challenging way that brings out the very best of them and catalyses growth.

I look around my team and feel excited by what lays in front of them and the great things they will achieve. That pride will endure longer than any project we could possibly build.”

David Kemp Chief Financial Officer

“The Development Team is like a family; we are each other’s biggest supporters, we pull together in everything we do, and we complement each other perfectly where any blind spots I have will be made visible by colleagues, and vice-versa.”

Harry Bond Non-Executive Chairman

David Kemp

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Jeremy Littman

“Our focus on biodiversity delivers better, longer-term landscapes – trees planted, hedges strengthened, and additional green networks that in turn, promote a flourishing flora and fauna landscape.”

Exagen team

Exagen is led by a strong team with a wealth of experience in energy finance, infrastructure and operations.