Transforming energy for good

We develop, build and operate renewable energy projects for the good of people and our environment

We are energising a brighter future by creating next generation energy solutions that are cleaner, more sustainable and community focused.

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The power of partnership

Long-term partnerships need strong foundations to be successful. Our business is built on trust, so we take the time to understand the needs of landowners and communities to accommodate their objectives and concerns.

From early consultation to gaining permissions, building with consideration and operating sites effectively, our mission is to forge strong partnerships to deliver viable, sustainable and mutually beneficial projects.

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A proven track record

Renewables projects


Our management team have been at the forefront of energy transition for many years, raising over £5.8 billion in funds for renewables projects.

The time is now for renewables

Our projects


Collectively we have been responsible for developing, constructing and operating utility scale energy projects in the UK, generating 6GW of renewable energy.

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How we manage our end-to-end process:


Land origination

Using our technology developed in-house, we locate viable sites that are in optimum locations, with grid connection and capacity. One-to-one negotiation with landowners ensures that every project is commercially robust and mutually beneficial.


Planning development

Through comprehensive surveys and consultation with local authorities, community groups and stakeholders we submit carefully considered planning applications. Our commitment to biodiversity enhancement and local community involvement is a critical component of the successful delivery for every project.



We apply best-in-class construction information systems and practices to ensure that our sites are built safely, with consideration and care for the welfare of both our colleagues and surrounding community. Our programme management team keep projects on track and on budget – ensuring that risk is properly assessed, and the build is correctly resourced and managed.



Once a site is operational, our team proactively monitors productivity to maximise project efficiency and optimise asset potential. We continuously examine our biodiversity impact and use our resources to maximise benefits to the environment, for farming yields and the local community. Ongoing analysis and reporting combined with astute trading create both commercial and environmental success.